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'Listen to the voice of water'

Podcast series by Anne van Strien for Embassy of Water 2020.

Contribution together with Eva van Strien, about 'Deep listening'.


'I feel it in my water'

Experience for "Turquoise Desert" symposium 2019


'There's something in the water'

Exhibit at Embassy of Water for DDW19 ​

(images below)

An essential part of tackling the practical solutions to issues around nature and the loss of our connection with it, lies in what the elements mean to us.


The element water is everywhere and therefore a fundamental part of our lives. 'There’s something in the water' offers a moment to re-develop your connection with water. The experience reveals the impact of our vibrations deriving from our state of being. Sense vibrations from sound to motion to just being present. The moleculair structure of water is highly affected by all vibrations, which again has an influence on its surroundings. In this way water seems a fluid databank of emotional knowledge, shared through vibrations; we can only contribute to its quality.

At the Embassy (y)our personal impact on water can be experienced via a composition of works by multiple artists​; Jochem Esser ~​ ~ Valentina Marino ~ ~ Boris Acket ~ Just flow with this ever-transforming and emotionally wise element.


Research topics ~ Music, with different Hertz's show reactions of the body ~ Signing bowl therapy ~ Sharing sound therapy, showing people's reaction to different vibrations (water= 60% of our bodies, reacting to the vibrations of the bowls), which made me wonder into the world of cymatics ~ Research of Victor Schauberger and his thoughts on living water and healthy water vortexes ~ Schumann resonance, an electromagnetic field around the earth ~ Testing different ways to recover healthy water: watiswateruwwaterman or uwwaterman, vanderpollofficeblueearth, nieuwwater, thuiskomeninjezelf ~ The rice experiment ~ Hammam​ massages ~ Movies plus shows of various artists ~ Emoto; water has a memory ~ Frequencies and their influence on water​


Inspiring Water Workers ~ Li An Phoa ~ Autumn Peltier ~ Waterlanders ~ Baka women, water drumming ~ Anish Kapoor ~ Atelier Marieke ~ The spring community ~ BBC future ~ Mocean ~ Aluna ~ A collection of findings on this subject​


Experience ~ Reiki ~ Vipassana meditation (10 days in silence) ~ Ayahuasca ~ Horizon gazing (24 hours at sea) ~ Acupuncture ~ EMDR ~ Hypnotherapy ~ Sound therapy ~ Conscious Therapist / Mundo Armonia ~ Family constellation ~ Bodytalk ~ Ayurvedic massage ~ Resonance massage ~ Pranic healing ~ Foot reflex therapy ~ Yoga Nidra ~ Hammam massage ~ Biontology - Ciranda da Palavras ~ Craniosacral therapy ~ Soul Regression ~ Water Floating ~ Tiny living in nature in NL and Scotland  


I love to re-install the value of water by helping people re-member their connection to this element, thus each other, ánd our personal impact via vibration - which is in everything: every spoken word, every thought and every sound of every step. 


Energy connects us somehow. This great mystery has my continuous wonderment and childlike enthusiasm. This is why I am on an ongoing journey of discoveries on this subject, while guiding people into deep feeling, which automatically supports connection on a social level.


intuition ~ transformation ~ movement ~ flexibility ~ circulation

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